WNYU Chart for December 25, 2000


   Compiled by Music Director: Alex Schneider (wnyumusic@hotmail.com)



1. Fizzarum Monochrome Plural (Domino)

2. Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio Inland Empires (Moneyshot)

3. Kreidler s/t (Mute)

4. The Rock-A-Teens Sweet Bird of Youth (Merge)

5. Don Caballero American Don (Touch and Go)

6. Ulan Bator Ego: Echo (Young God)

7. Low Dinosaur Act (Tugboat)

8. Elf Power The Winter is Coming (Arena Rock)

9. Augustus Pablo The Melodica King (Ocho)

10. Jega Geometry (Matador)

11. Tied & Tickled Trio Ea1 Ea2 Rmx (Morr)

12. The Clientele Suburban Light (Pointy)

13. Arco Coming to Terms (Dreamy)

14. The Fall The Unutterable (Eagle)

15. The Convocation Of... s/t (GSL)

16. Songs: Ohia Ghost Tropic (Secretly Canadian)

17. The Marquis de Tren and Bonny Billy Get on Jolly (Palace)

18. Johnny Cash American III: Solitary Man (American)

19. Weschel Garland s/t (Morr)

20. Holger Hiller s/t (Mute)

21. Mark Robinson - Tiger Banana (Merge)

22. Clinic - The Second Line (Domino)

23. Oneida - Come On Everybody, Let's Rock (Secretly Canadian)

24. V/A - Compilation 2000 A.D. (Young God)

25. Spoon - Loveways (Merge)

26. Bjork - Selmasongs (Elektra)

27. Magnetophone - I Guess Sometimes I Need to be Reminded of How Much You Love Me (4AD)

28. Boards of Canada - In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country (Warp)

29. Kletka Red - Hybrid (Explain)

30. Idyll Swords - II (Communion)



none reported



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