WNYU Chart for August 20, 2001


   Compiled by Music Director: Alex Schneider (wnyumusic@hotmail.com)



1. The White Stripes - White Blood Cells (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

2. Pram - Somniloquy (Merge)

3. Little Computer People - Electro Pop (Psi49net)

4. Murder City Devils - Thelema (Sub Pop)

5. Tujiko Noriko - Shojo Toshi (Mego)

6. The Beta Band - Hot Shots II (Astralwerks)

7. Fantomas - The Director's Cut (Ipecac)

8. Quasi - The Sword of God (Touch & Go)

9. Beulah - The Coast Is Never Clear (Velocette)

10. Tarwater - Not the Wheel (Gustaff)

11. Black Box Recorder - The Worst of... (Jetset)

12. Pullman - Viewfinder (Thrill Jockey)

13. Lush - Ciao! (4AD)

14. Bjork - Hidden Place (Elektra)

15. Fourtet - Pause (Domino)

16. V/A - IAmAPhotographer (Plain)

17. Edith Frost - Wonder Wonder (Drag City)

18. Gregory Isaacs - Mr. Isaacs (Blood & Fire)

19. Phoenecia - Brownout (Schematic)

20. Plaid - Double Figure (Warp)

21. The Blood Group - Everything Forgotten Gathers at the Ceiling (Le Grand Magistery)

22. The Clean - Getaway (Merge)

23. AFX - 2 Remixes by AFX (Men)

24. Calexico - Aerocalexico 2001 (Checkered Past)

25. Shannon Wright - Dyed in the Wool (Quarterstick)

26. Joy Division - Les Bains Douches (NMC Music)

27. J.D. & the Evil's Dynamite Band - Explodes Across the Nation (Soul Fire)

28. Squarepusher - Go Plastic (Warp)

29. Tim Buckley - The Dream Belongs to Me (Manifesto)

30. Stereolab - Captain Easychord (Duophonic)



John Fahey (Takoma); Holly Golightly (Damaged Goods); The Mink Lungs (Arena Rock); Moviola (Spirit of Orr); Rechenzentrum (Kitty-Yo)

To all my friends...
As this week, I will be stepping down as Music Director of WNYU-FM. It's been a great experience, and I will now begin to look back with a sentimental sigh... I graduated from NYU last May, and I will be embarking on a two week road trip starting next weekend, driving all the way to California. After a brief stay there, I will leave for a three month stay in the far off land of India. I want to deeply thank all of you who continue to support us here at WNYU, and I hope you will extend a warm welcome to our new MD! His name is..... (ahm)... Michael...Crumsho! He is both a highly qualified and an exceptionally professional individual. He will be reviewing the six billion CDs you send in, and will be happy to speak with you about tracking and upcoming releases. All of our contact information will remain the same for the radio station.

You can reach me in the future at mumbaimafia@hotmail.com Thank you, and good fortune!


Alex Schneider
Music Director, 2000-2001




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