W N Y U  Chart for November 23, 2009


  Compiled by Music Director: Jonathan Gean (music @ wnyu.org)

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  1. Doronco Gumo Old Punks (Dilettante/Holy Mountain)

  2. Home Blitz Out Of Phase (Richie)

  3. Various Artists Singapore-A-Go-Go (Sublime Frequencies)

  4. Bassholes - ...And Without A Name ( Columbus Discount)

  5. Karl Blau Zebra (K)

  6. Fred Bigot Mono/Stereo ( Holy Mountain )

  7. Michael and the Mumbles S/T (De Stijl)

  8. Pants Yell! - Received Pronunciation (Slumberland)

  9. Real Estate S/T (Woodsist)

 10. Inca Ore Silver Sea Surfer School (Acuarela)

 11. Little Girls Concepts (Paper Bag)

 12. The Golden Boys Do The Electric Wolfman (Daggerman)

 13. Kuupuu Lumen Tahden (Time-Lag)

 14. Supersilent 9 (Rune Grammofon)

 15. Talk Normal Sugarland (Rare Book Room)

 16. Red Mass S/T (Semprini)

 17. Spider Bags Teenage Eyes 7'' ( Odessa )

 18. Polvo In Prism (Merge)

 19. Ay Where Does He Come? (Bananas Eats Girl)

 20. Brilliant Colors Introducing (Slumberland)

 21. Cindytalk The Crackle Of My Soul (Editions Mego)

 22. Simon Scott Navigare (Miasmah)

 23. Jay Bolotin S/T (Locust)

 24. Tickley Feather Hors D'Oeuvres (Paw Tracks)

 25. Radian Chimeric (Thrill Jockey)

 26. Times New Viking Born Again Revisited (Matador)

 27. K.K. Rampage Anesthetize and Degrade 7'' (Rampage)

 28. Cheveu Like A Deer In The Headlights 7'' (Born Bad)

 29. Witch Introduction (Shadoks)

 30. To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie Marlone (Kranky)



Dam-Funk (Stone's Throw), A Handful Of Dust (Nextbestway), Tropa Macaca (Siltbreeze), German Measles (Captured Tracks), Kon Taan Kor (Gulcher)


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