W N Y U  Chart for April 5, 2010


  Compiled by Music Director: Jonathan Gean (music @ wnyu.org)

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1. Drunkdriver Self Titled (Load)

2. Shawn David McMillen Dead Friends ( Tompkins Square )

3. The Method Actors This Is Still It (Acute)

4. Burning Star Core Papercuts Theater (No Quarter)

5. Nice Face Immer Etwas (Sacred Bones)

6. Black Tambourine S/T (Slumberland)

7. Yellow Swans Going Places (Type)

8. Elodie Lauten Piano Works Revisited (Unseen Worlds)

9. Broken Deer Our Small Going (Gandhara)

10. Mi Ami Steal Your Face (Thrill Jockey)

11. CoConuts S/T (No Quarter)

12. Serena-Maneesh S-M2: Abyss in B Minor (4AD)

13. The Feeling Of Love Suck/ Soul/ Porn (HBSP-2x)

14. Unnatural Helpers S/T (Hardly Art)

15. Michael Yonkers Lovely Gold ( Drag City )

16. The Art Museums Rough Frame (Woodsist)

17. Le Sang Song S/T (Dragnet)

18. Ken Rei Wearing Sweatpants (Banana Eats Girl)

19. Joanna Newsom Have One On Me ( Drag City )

20. The Super Vacations S/T (Shwdply)

21. Dum Dum Girls I Will Be (Sub Pop)

22. Eddy Current Suppression Ring Rush To Relax (Goner)

23. Monster Movie Everyone Is a Ghost (Graveface)

24. Datus Fem (Limbic System)

25. A Faulty Chromosome Craving To Be Coddled (Yelping Hill)

26. Zelienople Give It Up (Type)

27. Timmy's Organism S/T (Sacred Bones)

28. Strapping Fieldhands Discus (Shangri-la)

29. Psychobuildings Birds of Prey (All Hands Electric)

30. Jason Kahn and Jon Mueller Phase (FSS)



Disappears (Kranky), Herpes (Tapete), Indignant Senility (Type), Mark Sultan (Last Gang), The Perennials (Eradicator)


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