W N Y U  Chart for July 19, 2010


  Compiled by Music Director: Jonathan Gean (music @ wnyu.org)

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1. Kemiallset Ystavat Ullakkopalo (Fonal)

2. A-Frames 333 (S-S)

3. Chrome Dome S/T (Lexicon Devil)

4. Autechre Move of Ten (Warp)

5. Bare Wires Seeking Love (Castle Face)

6. Procedure Club Doomed Forever (Slumberland)

7. On Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not (Type)

8. Roedelius Lustwandel (Bureau B)

9. Hassle Hound Born in a Night (Staubgold)

10. CCR Headcleaner CDR

11. Daniel Johnston Story of an Artist (Munster)

12. Chatham Rise S/T (Self-released)

13. Funki Porcini On (Ninja Tune)

14. The North Sea Bloodlines (Type)

15. Sex Church 6 Songs (Convulsive)

16. Svarte Greiner Pen Pals Forever (And Ever) (Digitalis)

17. Thee Oh Sees Warm Slime (In The Red)

18. Various Artists Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts: 1916-1964 (Tompkins Square)

19. Carissa's Weird They'll Only Miss You When You Leave (Hardly Art)

20. The Paranoid Critical Revolution Euphobia (Systems Neutralizer)

21. The Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads Swiss Cheese Back 7'' (De Stijl)

22. Nina Nastasia Outlaster (Fatcat)

23. Lo Jengi S/T (Fonal)

24. Rangda False Flag (Drag City)

25. Rich Bennett On Holiday (Hidden Shoal)

26. Mother of Fire S/T (De Stijl)

27. MIA - /\/\/\Y/\ (XL/Interscope)

28. Robert Pollard Moses On A Snail (Guided by Voices Inc.)

29. Phillipe Petit & Friends A Scent of Garmamabrosia (Aagoo)

30. Oneohtrix Point Never Returnal (Editions Mego)



Car Commercials (Soft Abuse), Endless Boogie (No Quarter), Dean & Britta (Double Feature), Department of Eagles (American Dust), Shannon Stephens (Asthmatic Kitty)


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