W N Y U  Chart for August 23, 2010


  Compiled by Music Director: Jonathan Gean (music @ wnyu.org)

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1. Grasslung Sincere Void (Root Strata)

2. Fennesz/Daniell/Buck Knoxville (Thrill Jockey)

3. Pop. 1280/Hot Guts Split 7'' (Badmaster)

4. Various Artists Saigon Rock & Roll (Sublime Frequencies)

5. aTelecine - ...And Six Dark Hours Pass (Dais)

6. Woven Bones I've Gotta Get 7'' (Hardly Art)

7. Puma Half Nelson Courtship (Rune Grammofon)

8. Grass Widow Past Time (Kill Rock Stars)

9. Borful Tang Herd and Unherd (Gigante Sound)

10. Automelodi S/T (Wierd)

11. Pale Sketcher Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed (Ghostly)

12. Kristin Miltner Music For Dreaming and Playing (Asthmatic Kitty)

13. Limes Rhinestone River (Goner)

14. Paul A. Rosales Wonder Wheel I (Care In The Community)

15. Various Artists The Electric Asylum Vol. 5: British Freakrock (Past & Present)

16. Golly McCry Shake My Hand: A Tribute To Merrell Funkhauser

17. Beach Combers Demo

18. Christian Marclay Grafitti Composition (Dog with a Bone)

19. Common Eider, King Eider Worn (Root Strata)

20. Frank (Just Frank) The Brutal Wave (Wierd)

21. Datus Vitiate (Limbic Systems)

22. Human Skab Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags (Family Vineyard)

23. Mark Airlie Stranger In These Times (Powertool)

24. Soren Well Starry Eyes Gone Blank Tonight

25. Procedure Club Doomed Forever (Slumberland)

26. Natural Child White Man's Burden (Infinity Cat)

27. SUJO Dimona (Inam)

28.The Alps Le Voyage (Type)

29.Indian Jewelry Totaled (We Are Free)

30.Tears Run Rings Distance (Clairecords)



Banque Allemande (S-S), Donovan Quinn & The 13th Month (Shrimper), Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting (Weird Forest ), Michel Angelo (Mexican Summer), Screaming Females (Don Giovanni)


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