W N Y U   Chart for February 21, 2011


 Compiled by Music Director: Maria Sherman (music @ wnyu.org)

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1)    Disappears "Revisiting" Guider (Kranky)
2)    The Babies "Wild 1" S/T (Shrimper) CD
3)    Girls At Dawn "WCK" Back to You / WCK 7" (Tic Tac Totally) 7"
4)    Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx "I'm New Here" We're New Here (XL) CD
5)    Wye Oak "Holy Holy" Civilian (Merge) CD
6)    Grouper "2 + 3" Way Their Crept (Type)
7)    Esg "Bam Bam Jam" Dance to the Best of ESG (Emerald Sapphire Gold / FIRE) CD
8)    Deaf Center "Hunted Twice + Divided" Owl Splinters (Type) CD
9)    Dreamdate "Make It Last" Melody Walk (Tic Tac Totally) CD
10)    Howl Baby Howl "Soul Rebel" Now the World Belongs to Us (Tigerspring) CD
11)    No Joy "Mediumship" Ghost Blonde (Mexican Summer) CD
12)    Seefeel "Making" Seefeel (Warp) CD
13)    Maserati "Ruins" Pyramid of the Sun (Temporary Residence Ltd)
14)    Duchess Leo "Bloom" Golden Gray (Whale Heart Records) CD
15)    Mani Neumeier & Kawabata Makoto "Mushi" Samurai Blues (Bureau B) CD
16)    Toro Y Moi "Intro/Chi Chi" Underneath the Pine (Carpark) CD
17)    Chain & the Gang "Why Not" Music's Not For Everyone (K) CD
18)    Horrid Red "Foehn Winds" Pink Flowers EP (Soft Abuse) CD
19)    Rajd Maszyn "Sahara" S/T (Tata)
20)    Shaved Women "The Start" Shaved Women (Rotton Tooth Recordings)
21)    Phantom Payn Days "Art Is Dead" Phantom Payn Daze (De)
22)    Sylvester Anfang II "Vleesderven" Commune Cassetten (blackest rainbow)
23)    Sic Alps "Cement Surfboard" Napa Asylum (Drag City)
24)    Kreider "Saal" Tank (Bureau B)
25)    Ash Ra Temple "Big Waves" Paris Downers (Disc Drug)
26)    Andy Human "Toy Man" Toy Man / Center of Gravity 7" (Tic Tac Totally)
27)    Electric Wizard "Satyr IX" Black Masses (Rise Above)
28)    Alkibar Gignor "Hommage a Ali Farka Toure" Ishilan N-Tenere (Mississippi Records)
29)    Elklink "Tension Tec" The Rise of Elklink (Kye)
30)    Holy Wave "Looksee" S/T EP (Self-Released)

Adds This Week:

STRFKR (Polyvinyl), Dam Mantle (Wichita), Acrylics (Friendly Fire),  Dum Dum Girls (Sub Pop), Figurines (the Control Group)


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